Same product, full functionality , Always the best prices.

Our Goals

Our goal is to give our customers all over the world the best technological solutions.

As a result, we built our own websites to better serve our customers no matter where they are, and we worked to improve our services to better accommodate them at any time.

We are software resellers offering a wide range of Microsoft products, including Windows, Office packages, single applications, Windows Servers and antiviruses like Bitdefender and Kaspersky, Avast and Norton as well as other well-known brands that you can explore in the brand section.

We also take on special orders and provide customized products just for you. For your convenience, we have multilingual experts available to assist you with selecting the software that best suits your requirements and to walk you through any issues you encounter.

You will always be able to find your answers, regardless of the language you speak.

How did it all start?

We put in a lot of effort over these 13 years to expand and improve our services while keeping costs low for our customers.

We were among the first to stop shipping physical CDs and instead send an email with a download link to your software.

This reduces the amount of waste generated by shipping physical goods and helps avoid negative environmental effects.

In addition, we have transformed our system from one that manually processes orders to one that automatically delivers them.

As a result, we can now deliver orders immediately, saving our clients both time and money.

The Sweep of Our Reach